Click play below to see Cake for Kids Cambodia in action, as our fundraising efforts help grow and support Grace House Community Center. 

Cake for Kids Cambodia is the combination of all our efforts to try and make a lasting difference in children's lives.  

Some of the poorest children in the world reside in Cambodia. The country's history, educational infrastructure and poverty often mean these children are left to fend for themselves. While we can’t help every child, with your help we can make a lifelong impact on many. Our 2015 fundraising goal was a huge success, totaling nearly $12,000 dollars. For 2017 our goal is $15,000 and we're just $900 away!. Check out the Financials tab for a detailed breakdown on the allocation of funds.

All photography provided by Tom, Susan, Zach and Jackie Barbitta

Want to help the children of Cambodia? Follow the link below to order a delicious treat for yourself, friends, family or clients.  100% of your donation goes to helping the children.  Your donations are not used for any of our expenses (airfare, housing, etc…).  Every dollar is carefully managed to ensure it goes to the children. For detailed breakdown of 2015's fund allocation, click the Financials tab above.  

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