All photography taken by Tom, Susan, Zach and Jackie Barbitta

You can make a difference. By purchasing (donating) an item OR ordering a delicious treat, you're making a direct impact in Cambodia.

Our summer 2019 trip is right around the corner and we will be able to have the largest impact in our organization's history; thanks to you.

For the 2018 holiday season, the kitchen is at max capacity (thank you). Please hold orders for the new year. Note, the donation box is always open. Learn more about how to sponsor an item or order a delicious treat. 


Donate Today!

How does it work? We try to make it simple. You can either sponsor an item and / or select a delicious treat for delivery. Either way, 100% of the donations go directly to children in need. 

Step 1 Review the menu below, and choose your delicious  treat or item you'd like to sponsor!

Step 2 Click on 'click here to donate' button below to check out.

Step 3 Fill out the simple form and we'll get to baking or earmark your donation for the item you sponsored. 

Sponsor an Item (suggested donation amount)

$30 buys a 50 kg bag of rice for a family in the community.

$50 can provide a child with all the items they need for school for a full year, including shoes, a uniform, a school bag and all the notebooks, pens and textbooks. 

$70 can provide a water filitration system, ensuring that a family and their neighbors will never go thirsty and never get sick from contaiminated water

$100 buys a kid in the community a bike that will carry them to and from school from the first day of preschool to the last day of university.

$200 dollars gives a family a loan to start their own business to support themselves, their children, and the local econom

Order a Delicious Treat

1. Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

2. Melt in your Mouth Caramels

3. White or Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

4. Summer Fresh Lemon Pound Cake

5. Chocolate Pound Cake

6. Cheesecake (peanut butter, Oreo, or NY style) (serves four - local delivery only)

7. Assorted Cookie Batch (chocolate, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin)

8. Turtles - cashew, peanut butter, caramel & chocolate

9. Surprise Me! Baker’s Choice

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Help Spread the Word!

Please tell your friends and family about the items you can sponsor and / or the delicious treats you can order.

There's nothing better than helping us spread the word and getting more people involved. 

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Click the pictures above to see various cakes and treats baked in the previous years. Additionally, there's photos of what Corporate Gifts look like, so you can be assured your clients will love the treats and donation you made for them! 

Specific Corporate Gift questions? Drop us a quick note and we'll put the spatula down for a second to reply: contact us.