All photography taken by Tom, Susan, Zach and Jackie Barbitta

You can make a difference. By purchasing (donating) an item OR ordering a delicious treat, you're making a direct impact in Cambodia.

For the 2019-2020 holiday season the kitchen is open and ready to go! See the delicious menu below and let’s get baking.


Donate Today! (it’s easy)

How does it work? We try to make it simple. You can either sponsor an item and / or select a delicious treat for delivery. Either way, 100% of the donations go directly to the cause.

Step 1 Review the menu below, and choose your delicious  treat or item you'd like to sponsor!

Step 2 Click on 'click here to donate' button below to check out.

Step 3 Fill out the simple form and we'll get to baking or earmark your donation for the item you sponsored. 


$2,200 Funds a well – Fresh water for an entire group of families in the Oreang Commune, home of the indigenous Bunong people.  No longer will they need to haul water from a creek bed. Note, want to split a well with another person, we can facilitate.

$700 Funds piglets and pig pen – 4 young pigs will help a family barter and eat! Plus, this is sustainable — enabling a source of income and food for a family.

$550 Funds a toilet – many families still do not have adequate means to go to the bathroom.  As difficult as it is to imagine, many still “tend to business” in the jungle.

$250 Funds the library - reading, textbooks and subject specific books, puzzles, maps and posters for ages 6-13 allows these children to reach a much higher potential.

$100 Upfits a single classroom – fresh paint, additional books, new supplies (markets, pencils, etc), and posters

$50 Funds an arts and crafts project – photo-frames with student photo, beaded necklaces, creating a visor!


Order a Delicious Treat

1. Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

2. Melt in your Mouth Caramels

3. White or Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

4. Assorted Cookie Batch (chocolate, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin)

5. Turtles - cashew, peanut butter, caramel & chocolate

6. Surprise Me! Baker’s Choice

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Please tell your friends and family about the items you can sponsor and / or the delicious treats you can order.

There's nothing better than helping us spread the word and getting more people involved. 

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Click the pictures above to see various cakes and treats baked in the previous years. Additionally, there's photos of what Corporate Gifts look like, so you can be assured your clients will love the treats and donation you made for them! 

Specific Corporate Gift questions? Drop us a quick note and we'll put the spatula down for a second to reply: contact us.